The Deathworkers Agency

The most annoying thing about death is all the paperwork involved. Every morning, Lyle and I make the trip to the warehouse to sift through today’s files and see whose soul we get to summon and send into the light. “Harold Lassiter, aged eighty-six,” I read from the list of names. “Heart attack. Leaves behind … Continue reading The Deathworkers Agency

The Claire Witch Project

There are many things you can easily explain to your parents. Accidentally blowing up your uncle is not one of them. “You are so busted, Claire,” said my sister Lindsay, eying the singed curtains and the freshly made crater in my bedroom floor. “Wait until Dad finds out you were practicing transmorph spells in your … Continue reading The Claire Witch Project

Books You Should Read: Legend by Marie Lu

Throwback to the early 2010s dystopian craze! Legend sees a wanted criminal facing off against a talented detective in a grungy, futuristic Los Angeles. I've had this book on my Gotta Read Someday list since 2012, and can finally check it off. The Basics: Daniel "Day" Wing is a notorious criminal haunting the streets of dystopian, future Los … Continue reading Books You Should Read: Legend by Marie Lu

Books of the Month, September 2017

Gotta extra space on your shelf? Looking for a new world to fall into? Check out these great books, old and new, as summer winds to a close.   This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab All Kate Harker wants is to be as ruthless as her father. All August Flynn wants is to be … Continue reading Books of the Month, September 2017