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7 Short, Worthwhile Reads from Around the Internet

1. The Business of Murder Flash fiction when done effectively tends to be over before the reader is ready. This thrilling, 937-word piece about a planned homicide agency that never misses an appointment will keep you thinking long after the final sentence. 2. Kevin One of Reddit's most famous comments, this tale of a fantastically… Continue reading 7 Short, Worthwhile Reads from Around the Internet

Short Stories

The Deathworkers Agency

The most annoying thing about death is all the paperwork involved. Every morning, Lyle and I make the trip to the warehouse to sift through today’s files and see whose soul we get to summon and send into the light. “Harold Lassiter, aged eighty-six,” I read from the list of names. “Heart attack. Leaves behind… Continue reading The Deathworkers Agency