The Hunter of Shades

Anya Herald would poison half the city to find the man who murdered her father. 

Years ago, Anya told a lie that killed her best friend Kasper and left her father at the mercy of a dangerous, shape-shifting kingpin. Now, guilt-ridden and fierce, seventeen-year-old Anya works as a shade runner, hunting and selling secrets in a world of criminal shadow guilds. Every secret she steals will get her closer to her father’s killer, if she can stay one step ahead of the shadow guild magicians who summon darkness, alter memories, and manipulate the fabric of time. 

After faking his death years ago, Kasper Vale has returned to the Shrouded City seeking revenge on those who destroyed his family, including his former best friend, Anya. Armed with the ability to weave futures and grant wishes for a lethal price, Kasper adopts a disguise and infiltrates the city’s elite to bring down the shadow guilds and those who wronged him. 

When the kingpin who left Anya fatherless suddenly offers her a place in his guild, Anya seizes her chance, only to discover how her own buried secrets are clawing their way out of the past. To save herself and her surviving family, Anya must choose between avenging what she lost and defending what she has left—and join forces with either her father’s murderer or a boy who is checking off a hit list and saving her for last. 

[Young adult fantasy. An Author Mentor Match book! Shoutout to my mentor Jessica Bibi Cooper.]

The Clockwork Star

Things are not always what they seem at ten thousand feet in the air.

Young servant Christa dreams of going on adventures like the heroes in her books but is as close to a nobody as they come. When the famed airship the Clockwork Star arrives in her town, she seizes her chance, disguises herself as a boy, and runs away. There’s just one catch: After getting caught fibbing to get out of trouble, Christa is cursed to lie when she wants to tell the truth and tell the truth when she wants to lie. 

Against a backdrop of storm dragons, shapeshifters, and wayward magic, she finds more adventure than she bargained for. An attempt on the king’s life sparks a ship-wide manhunt for a spy, and the prince finds Christa just odd enough to be suspicious. Her curse has her rambling elaborate stories when asked simple truths or blurting her real name when she’s trying to maintain her disguise. To save the ship and stay ahead of her enemies and inquisitive friends, Christa must keep her story straight—and learn the difference between dreaming of adventure and what it really takes to be a hero.

[Middle grade fantasy. A 2019 Pitch Wars book! Shoutout to my mentor K.C. Held.]