Current Projects

I am completely incapable of only having one project in the pipeline at a time. Here’s what I’m currently churning out:

The Clockwork Star

Things are not always what they seem at ten thousand feet in the air.

After disguising herself as a boy and escaping her master, fourteen-year-old Christa sneaks aboard the colossal airship the Clockwork Star, determined to one day become a pilot and adventurer. There’s just one catch: Christa is cursed to lie when she means to tell the truth and tell the truth when she means to lie.

Against a backdrop of flying ships, storm dragons, and wayward magic, Christa finds more adventure than she bargained for: An attempt on the king’s life sparks a ship-wide manhunt and Christa can’t answer honestly. A sadistic pirate chases the Clockwork Star through the skies. A cunning spy seeks a peculiar device with the power to consume entire cities. The princess has fallen for a disguised Christa and the clever prince, heir to the throne, finds Christa just odd enough to be suspicious.

[Middle grade fantasy. Status: Querying.]


The Hunter of Shades

Anya Herald would poison half the city to find the man who killed her father.

In Mortalia, where citizens wear masks to protect their souls from magicians, seventeen-year-old Anya hunts and sells secrets in a quest to destroy the shadow guild run by the man responsible for her father’s death and mother’s insanity. When a mysterious philanthropist with shadow guild ties invites her to a masquerade, Anya has a chance at defeating him but finds herself at the center of a revenge plot dueling with her own.

A boy whose death she caused has returned with a terrifying ability to weave futures and a plan to send the city into chaos, starting with the shadow guilds. To save herself and her home, Anya must choose between avenging what she lost and defending what she has left—and join forces with either her father’s murderer or a boy who is checking off a hit list and saving her for last.

[Young adult fantasy. Status: Revision.]