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50 Writing Blog Post Ideas


Maintaining a consistent writing blog can be tricky, especially when you’ve had one for a while and have to keep coming up with ideas for posts. Here are 50 blog post subjects for writing blogs, both collected from around the internet and thought of by yours truly when I should be paying attention in class.

About Yourself

1. A funny intro to who you are and what you like

2. A memory that inspired a story or memoir you wrote

3. Your experiences writing and trying to get published

4. Someone in your life who inspires you

5. Your 5 favorite books as a kid and why

6. Share something short (and terrible) you wrote in middle school

About Your Writing

7. Post an excerpt from your novel

8. Give a backstory of where your novel came from

9. If your novel is already published, give a timeline of how it got there

10. Discuss something surprising you’ve learned while in the process of writing a novel

11. Post an “outtake” of something you deleted from the final draft

Best of/Top N Lists

12. The top 10/20/100 books, movies, songs and/or TV shows that made your writing what it is today

13. Top 7 Coolest Heroines of Sci-Fi (or another genre)

14. Top 8 Worst Mistakes Beginning Writers Make

15. The 10 Best Books to Read If You Want to be a Writer

16. The 9 Most Overused Tropes in Young Adult Literature (or any genre of your choice)

17. Top 6 Upcoming Writers to Follow

18. Best Places to Write

19. Ten Tips for New Writers

20. Top 5 Best Nonfiction Books for Fiction Writers

21. Six Ways to Make Dialogue Pop

22. Top 12 Writers & Publishers to Follow on Twitter

23. Top 8 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

How-To and Reference Posts

24. A Beginner’s Guide to Characterization

25. How to Survive a Writer’s Conference

26. How to Write a Bullet-Proof Query Letter

27. A Guide on Show vs. Tell

28. An Introduction to Writing Young Adult (or any genre of your choice)

29. The Ultimate Guide to Plot & Conflict

30. How to Make Your Readers Become Invested in the Story


31. Review a book that came out in the last year

32. Review a book series that just finished and why others should/shouldn’t read it

33. Re-read a book you read in high school or middle school and compare how your view of the book has changed as you’ve gotten older

34. Make a round-up post of the best books of the month, season, or year

35. Review a writing seminar you attended

36. Review non-book media in your genre (like a sci-fi movie if you write sci-fi or a true crime podcast if you write true crime)

Interview Guests

37. Interview a fellow writer about upcoming project

38. If you have the connections, interview an agent or editor on what they’re looking for in a manuscript

39. Talk to a writing professor about what makes good writing

40. Make a spotlight post about another fellow writer

41. Talk to someone from your intended audience (if you write YA, interview a 16- or 17-year old) about what they like to read

About Writing Itself

42. Lessons from an aspiring author

43. Your favorite writing advice from other authors, agents, editors, readers, etc.

44. Describe your experience at a recent conference or writing class you took

45. What are the hardest obstacles writers have to face?

46. Give advice on balancing writing with school, a day job, or other responsibilities

47. Have your readers and followers submit writing-related questions to you that you can answer and discuss


48.Have a contest or giveaway where you give prizes for a random commenter or someone who favorited a post

49. Have someone guest post on your blog about themselves and their thoughts on writing

50. A list of writing blog post ideas

Good luck! Keep up that blog!


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