The Clockwork Star

Secrets. Liars. Flying ships.

After disguising herself as a boy and escaping her master, fifteen-year-old Christa sneaks aboard the colossal airship the Clockwork Star, determined to one day become a pilot and adventurer. There’s just one catch: Christa is cursed to lie when she wants to tell the truth and tell the truth when she means to lie.

Against a backdrop of flying ships, storm dragons, and wayward magic, Christa finds more adventure than she bargained for: An attempt on the king’s life sparks a ship-wide manhunt and she can’t tell the truth. A sadistic pirate chases the Clockwork Star through the skies. A cunning spy seeks a peculiar device with the power to consume entire cities. The princess has fallen for a disguised Christa. And the clever prince, heir to the throne, finds Christa just odd enough to be suspicious.