Books of the Month, February 2018

It’s nearly National Singles Awareness Day, followed by National All Chocolate is Half Price Day! Check out these three books that read well whether you’re taken or on the market.

Thwonk by Joan Bauer

Student photographer AJ McCreary is hopelessly in love with her handsome classmate, Peter Terris. When a real-life Cupid appears and grants her wish—an arrow through Peter’s heart—AJ’s life turns upside-down with a thwonk. Bauer’s insightful but hilarious writing perfectly captures the giddiness and optimism of teenaged love, and also touches on the nerve-wracking decision every artist makes at some point in their lives: Do they have enough talent to turn their art into a living? Or should they chase the safe choice, a stable job?

Read if: You like cute romances with plucky characters, Anna and the French Kiss, or YA with (as reviews call it) “funny, stylish writing”


The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

This graphic novel tells the story of Prince Sebastian, who has a secret: at night, he masquerades around Paris as fashion icon Lady Crystallia. The only other person who knows is his close friend, Frances the dressmaker. The wonderful art and amazing fairytale retelling make The Prince and the Dressmaker a wonderful, heartfelt story to pick up while you wait for after-Valentines candy to go on sale.

Read if: You like unique takes on fairytales, stories about identity, and stylized illustrations


Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

If you want to read something other than strictly romance this February (can’t blame you there), Tamora Pierce is back with a new series, the Numair Chronicles, which kicks off with Tempests and Slaughter. Three gifted friends, Arram, Varice, and Ozorne, see their loyalties put to the test when Arram, the youngest student at the Imperial University of Carthak, develops a dangerous Gift. The story takes place over several years, and the series will eventually tell the story of how powerful mage Numair Salmalín came to Tortall.

Read if: You need more high fantasy, couldn’t get enough Tortall, or like Mercedes Lackey

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