Books You Should Read: Starflight by Melissa Landers

Got a weakness for action-packed sci-fi? Meet Solara Brooks, a convicted felon determined to make to the outskirts of the galaxy and start a new life. After indenturing herself as a servant to the wealthy and spoiled Doran Spaulding, the two find themselves on the Banshee, a spaceship whose passengers have dangerous secrets of their own.

The Good: Action! Romance! Spaceships! Pirates! If you’re a plot-driven reader with a weakness for sci-fi, Starflight needed to be on your shelf yesterday. If you like romances where the couple goes from enemies to friends to lovers, you’ll swallow this book whole. I’m a character-driven reader, and I sunk my teeth into how the main and supporting characters’ backstories were revealed bit-by-bit throughout the novel. Melissa Landers’s writing gives you the sense of urgency needed for an action novel but also the air of mystery that keeps you fascinated by the characters.

The Meh: After finishing the last chapter, I immediately went to see if there was a sequel, because some of the plot lines felt super unresolved (good news: the sequel was published earlier this year) and I am still not completely sold on the revelation about Doran’s family. I am also not a fan of romantic relationships that start out unhealthy (Solara was Doran’s servant until she essentially drugged him and stole his money), though I did like his character’s deconstruction and evolution. Whether he remains a good character will be seen in the sequel.

The Take: Worth a read, but your heart won’t break if you don’t get to it because the reserve line at the library is too long. I did not connect with the characters until the end, as characters are more important to me than plot, but if you prefer plot, this book is for you. And the spaceships. Were. Awesome.

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